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Every holiday-maker has the right to pamper themselves a little. And pampering yourself means indulging in things that you don’t get to enjoy the rest of the year. When enjoying your holiday at Lochbauer agriturism, this means, above all, a heavenly peace which you can’t really experience in everyday life, unfortunately: here, there are no noises, no traffic, no general hustle and bustle to disturb you.

While the tranquillity indulges our soul, the spa offering at the Lochbauer indulges the body. So all our guests – whether staying in one of the three rooms or in one of the three apartments – have free access to our spa area, where you will find a Finnish sauna and a steam sauna as well as a jacuzzi. Access to the area is upon request.

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The rest of the wellness programme is provided by the nature around the Lochbauer. That’s why our spa facilities are all facing outside, where the jacuzzi is even located. The saunas have large panoramic windows so you can enjoy the view of the green of the woods and meadows and the blue of the sky. And there is also a generously sized rest area. Here, you can lean back and deeply relax. There will not be anyone or anything to disrupt your peace.

As we said: wellness means indulging in what you feel you are missing out on in everyday life.