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Our farm

DSC 7650 Our farm

Sustainability is a word everyone is talking about today. Hardly anyone has a true understanding of what it means. Sustainability means conserving resources, utilising what we can get from renewable resources, and not leaving any mortgages to our children and grandchildren. It is this concept of sustainability that we try to implement on our farm, Lochbauer above Mölten.

DSC 7738 Our farm
DSC 7591 Our farm

Our farm is our livelihood; under Alex’s leadership, it supplies food (eggs, meat, milk and vegetables), and with the farm holiday side of the business, which Astrid look’s after, it constitutes an economic pillar that builds on this sustainability. With all this, we are guided by what our ancestors have done and show respect and humility for the achievements of the country people who have settled here on the Tschöggelberg. At an altitude of more than 1,000 metres, it forms the mountain ridge between Bolzano and Meran, so you could say it is the heart of South Tyrol.


obst gemuese Our farm

Fruit & vegetable

Fruit spreads, juices, pickled vegetables

fleischprodukte Our farm

Meat products

Speck, Kaminwurz

frische produkte 1 Our farm

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, butter yoghurt

Lochbauer is located here above the small village of Mölten at 1,350 metres above sea level. The farm was first documented in 1777. Since then, livestock has been kept on the extensive larch tree meadows of the Tschöggelberg, grain has been cultivated and vegetables grown by the inhabitants in order to allow them to live as independently as possible. It is this model that we keep in mind for the “new” Lochbauer. Here at the farm live cows and calves, oxen and pigs, chickens, sheep and a horse – just like back then.

DSC 7524 Our farm

Our little product corner

DSC9682 Our farm

Filled with

  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh milk
  • Mountain cheese / soft cheese
  • Fruit spreads
  • elderberry syrup

Our very own Lochbauer farmhouse products are made from what the animals produce, from what our fields and meadows yield, and from what grows in our garden.  These are served to our guests at breakfast, or you can take them home as a culinary reminder of your holiday at Lochbauer: delicious fruit spreads made from strawberries* or raspberries*, elderberries*, milk*, cheese*, butter*, eggs*, bacon*, smoked sausage and all kinds of pickled vegetables*. These products are also intended as a tribute to the tradition of Lochbauer farm. If necessary, we also buy home-grown products from farms in the area.

* = in-house production

We also followed this tradition during the complete renovation of Lochbauer farm in 2019. We have merged the traditional rural architecture of South Tyrol with modern, clean lines, and we have relied as far as possible on natural materials, especially wood and natural stone, for the floors and furniture. After all, nature forms the basis of our livelihood. Lochbauer is embedded in them, green is the dominant colour all around. And the blue of the South Tyrolean sky.

DSC 1062 Our farm
DSC 1352 Our farm

Nature, tranquillity, serenity: this sums up the experience of a holiday at Lochbauer. There is no traffic; you can leave your car behind to take walks from the farm or take a bus from Mölten (25 minutes’ walk) to all destinations in the area. And if you do not feel like moving away from the farm, you can just enjoy the peace and quiet while pampering yourself in our spa.

Here at the Lochbauerhof you can relax and unwind. Without a guilty conscience. And in a completely sustainable way.

DSC 7698 Our farm
DSC 1392 1 Our farm
DSC1901 Our farm
DSC1913 Our farm
Spielplatz2 scaled Our farm