Circular hike on the Salten

tschoegglberg salten wanderung jenesien bozen und umgebung suedtirol Circular hike on the Salten

A round trip on the Salten is an impressive experience, especially in autumn, when the larch trees first redden and then turn yellow. And you don’t even have to work hard for this experience, because the majority of the hike just passes through meadows and past the small hay huts of the farmers, the so-called “Schupfen”.

This circular walk can also be started at the Schermoos car park, like the one that leads to the Möltner Kaser. You will soon reach the Jakobskirchlein on the Langfenn, which also features in the view from the Lochbauer. From there, the route goes past the Gschnoferstall guest house in the direction of Salten, and, in a long circle, takes you back to the starting point. All in all, the walk takes about three hours to complete. The altitude difference is a comfortable 170 metres.