To Möltner Kaser

zur moeltner kaser familienwanderung jenesien bozen und umgebung suedtirol To Möltner Kaser

Popular with both locals and guests alike is the hike to Möltner Kaser, an alpine pasture with cattle, sheep and Haflinger horses. Traditional dishes are served here in summer and in winter. In summer, the alpine pasture can be reached in a leisurely hike; in winter, it’s best to use snowshoes. Going back downhill, the toboggan is the fastest way to go.

The classic hike to the Möltner Kaser starts at the Schermoos car park, which lies between Mölten and Flaas. From the Schermoos car park and via the Möltner Joch, the Möltner Kaser can be reached in a leisurely one-and-a-half hour hike, with a difference in altitude of around 350 metres.