To the Stoanernen Mandlen

stoanerne mandln sarntal suedtirol To the Stoanernen Mandlen

If you are not from South Tyrol, you have probably already stumbled upon this hike’s destination. Yet, “Stoanerne Mandlen” is nothing more than the dialectal expression for cairns, hundreds of which adorn this hike’s destination. The first of these cairns is said to have been erected hundreds of years ago on the summit between Salten and Sarntal, and they are still there in all shapes and sizes.

However, you need to be quite fit to reach them. From the beginning of the ascent to Möltner Kaser, it takes a good hour uphill to reach the summit cross at an altitude of about 2,000 metres. The view of the countless surrounding Stoanernen Mandlen is worth the effort. And if that is not enough, the overall view is also spectacular.